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The coastal town of Dieppe is home to the closest beach to Paris (scarcely 2 hours by train) and was France's first ever seaside resort. It has a rich history dating back to the Vikings and can boast about having been the home of privateers and renowned ship-owners and about having been immortalized by the world's best artists and writers. However, it also lays claim to having had an important yet unhappy role in the events of the Second World War. This enigmatic Normandy resort has managed to retain its mystery and simplicity. With the unobtrusive kind of tourism attracted by its secretly exquisite spots, surrounded by the sea and buffeted by winds, the top port in France for scallops really does offer more than just a breath of fresh air!

Saturday morning market

Voted the most beautiful market in France in 2020, Dieppe’s market is of exceptional quality. What an experience you'll have discovering the heritage of the Normandy land, with its intensely flavored local products! Cheese, fish, wine, cider and Calvados brandy, traditional vegetables and other specialties will be presented to you at the largest farmers' market in Normandy (guess what – it's in Dieppe, right next to where you'll be staying!) and even at the premises of the producers, who have a huge respect and affection for what they produce. This market is one of the largest in Normandy, attracting the best producers of the region. Here you'll find vegetables fresh from the plot, seasonal fruits from local orchards, and traditional cooked meats. You’ll also find cheeses, some of which are true regional specialties.

Town of Dieppe

Gastronomy in Dieppe

Restaurants: Whether it's local cuisine, bistro cuisine or gastronomic cuisine, Dieppe and its region are the ideal place for high-quality dining. Dieppe has a dynamic local fishing industry. In season (from mid-October to mid-May), scallops are a must! As are herring – which, thanks to the “chasses – marées” system (whereby fish was supplied to Paris by horse-based relay), made the city famous in the Middle Ages. Every year, the Herring and Scallop Festival takes place in November in the city center and around the port.

It is advisable to always reserve your table. Please note that even in high season, last orders are rarely taken after 9:15pm.

We have selected a number of restaurants that we find particularly appealing, but the list is not exhaustive.

Gastronomy in Dieppe

Fish and seafood

Comptoir à huîtres

The catch of the day is always amazing! Off the beaten track.

Cours de Dakar, Dieppe

Phone : 02 35 84 19 37

Les Barrières

Chef François Hue brings out the best in local fresh produce

5 Arcade de la Poissonnerie, Dieppe
Phone : 02 35 40 46 83

Le Bas Fort Blanc

Sea view, at the west end of the beach.
10 Rue Alexandre Dumas, Dieppe
Phone : 02 35 06 01 36

An iconic restaurant for locals and others from further afield… Great quality fresh local fish and seafood, but also meat dishes, salads and (humongous) pizzas.

Gastronomy in Dieppe

Local produce

La Cale

(le Pollet district) Authentic bistro with rigorously selected seasonal products.
34 Rue Jean Antoine Belle Testé, Dieppe
Phone : 02 35 84 14 93

Le Bistrot du Pollet

(le Pollet district)
23 Rue Tête de Bœuf, Dieppe
Phone : 02 35 84 68 57
Here, the dishes depend directly on the local daily catch. Dishes that are both divine and generous.


(next to the swimming pool on the seafront)
101 Boulevard de Verdun, Dieppe
Phone : 02 35 86 57 42
Between beach and pool. Here, we enjoy simple and refined dishes.

Le Trèfle

Panoramic restaurant of Dieppe’s casino (sea view)
3 Boulevard de Verdun, Dieppe
Phone : 02 32 14 48 00
The chef draws on traditional cuisine in a friendly environment by promoting the know-how and talent of local producers and farmers.

Gastronomy in Dieppe

Michelin starred

Les Voiles d’Or

On top of the cliffs to the right of the Bon Secours chapel.
2 Chemin de la Falaise, Neuville-lès-Dieppe
Phone : 02 35 84 16 84
Here the catch of the day is simply superb!

Le Colombier

Rue Loucheur, Offranville (9 km (5.6 miles) from Dieppe)
Gourmet and fragrant dishes based on fresh products.

Le Bec au Cauchois

22, rue André Fiquet 76540 Valmont (46 km (28.5 miles) from Dieppe, near Fécamp)
Combinations of textures and flavors, ingredients from near and far, judicious use of vegetables from the kitchen garden.

Gastronomy in Dieppe

Lunches and pastries

Traiteur Divernet

138 Grande Rue, Dieppe
Phone: 02 35 84 13 87
Master craftsman Xavier Divernet and his team create top-of-the-line pastries you won't be able to resist!

The tea room upstairs serves inventive lunches with pastries for dessert, what else!

La Duchesse de Berry

12 Grande Rue – Phone: 02 35 84 21 93
Great traditional pastries – sublime orange tartlet. The Duchess' brioche is unforgettable!

The town of Dieppe

Things to do in Dieppe

Dieppe spa

Located directly at the beach. You can enjoy a swim in the outdoor Olympic-sized heated seawater pool, but also the hammam, sauna and gym. And if you wish to intensify this feeling of well-being, you can get a massage or enjoy a beauty treatment!

Discover it here:

DSN: Dieppe Scène Nationale – Performing arts and arthouse movie theater in Dieppe

A program of shows and films

Discover it here:

Sailing and golf

Whether you want to go sailing, boating or golfing, it is possible in Dieppe:

Dieppe swimming pool

It’s an indescribable pleasure to take advantage of the swimming pool Les Bains. This is an incredible outdoor Olympic-sized seawater swimming pool heated to 27°C!

Discover it here:

Dieppe city of art and history

Discover all of the museums in Dieppe and the surrounding region at:

The history of Dieppe is closely linked with maritime history. Built on a mound of shingle at the mouth of the deep river that gave it its name (mentioned by the Vikings as far back as the 10th century), the town of Dieppe subsequently expanded over the tall cliffs that dominate the settlement. Destroyed several times up to the 18th century, its architectural heritage nevertheless retains many traces of the past, notably in the form of the 15th century castle that proudly towers above the town and beach. Don’t miss the remains of the fortified walls made from the sandstone and flint that are so typical of the region. Linger in front of these 14th and 16th century churches, the districts of little steep and twisting lanes overlooked by flint houses, and the manor houses and stately homes in the surrounding area all bear witness to a rich and abundant history that can be seen at every single glance as you take a cultural walk around the town.

In the 19th century - thanks to the enthusiasm of the Duchess of Berry - Dieppe became an extremely popular seaside resort. Accompanied by her courtiers, the Duchess started the trend for bathing in the sea, thus ushering in a century of holidays at the seaside. Dieppe became a haven for the aristocracy who, in their turn, were the patrons of numerous impressionist artists. Architecture was not neglected, either, with the construction during this time of the theater, casino, and even a bath house - directly on the beach! Thus, Dieppe opened itself up to the sea and became the most popular getaway for the people of Paris. An important port, a cosmopolitan holiday resort, frequented by artists, and on the Paris-London axis, Dieppe was at its zenith until 1914.

You'll be able to discover this priceless heritage in your strolls through the old town, visits to monuments, rambles through the famous District of the Pollet - intimately linked with the life of the port - and in the Îlot de Sainte-Catherine sector.

Pissarro said: "Dieppe is a wonderful place for a painter who likes life, movement, colors."

The most renowned impressionist artists came to savor the ambiance of Dieppe, their easels in tow. These "plein air" (open air) painters - Pissarro, Degas, Gauguin, Renoir, Boudin, Sisley, Monet, Sicker, Whisler and Blanche - wanted to take advantage of the nuances of the maritime sky, observe the changing effects of the light through the filter of the clouds, and study the reflections bouncing off the water. They chose the landscape of the Seine-Maritime and - in particular - that of Dieppe and its surrounding countryside for their aesthetic inspiration. A mixture of chalk formed from marine sediment and alternate layers of flint, the cliffs are the real living heritage of the Côte d'Albâtre, surrounding Dieppe with a backdrop of ever-present evolution. The colors and shadows change constantly depending on the light and tides. This is exactly what the artists came in search of.

Dieppe, city of gardens

Discover the beautiful gardens of the region at:

From this incredible land, enthusiasts have created magnificent gardens, notably in Varengeville-sur-Mer and the surrounding area. They are a delight for the eyes. Visiting these gardens, at different seasons, will be without any doubt one of the highlights of your stay.

Nowhere else in France or, indeed, in Europe offers so many exceptional gardens for you to visit. They are the fruits of the constant and intensive labor of men and women who truly love nature and never cease in their efforts to tame the land.

These extraordinary gardens, which in their turn are part of even more remarkable landscape, are right there in the villages around Dieppe. The proximity of the sea, the nature of the soil, the sunlight and the cool climate play a major role here and - from May to September - the gardens abound and present themselves in all their flamboyance, magnanimity and opulence. These special places bid welcome to visitors from all around the world, including learned scholars, experienced gardeners and enthusiastic fans of this captivating realm.

These special places bid welcome to visitors from all around the world, including learned scholars, experienced gardeners and enthusiastic fans of this captivating realm.

Framed all along one side by chalk cliffs, Normandy is really just one immense garden, with the jewels of this surprising region's natural heritage including magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas, andromeda shrubs, camellias, viburnum, clematises, roses, irises, cistus, astilbes, hydrangeas, peonies, bluebells, yarrow, foxgloves, and so many other rare flowers and plants.

Each of the individual gardens - which are sometimes in private hands and whose owners throw them open to visitors during the warmer months of the year - is a marvel in itself, evoking significant aesthetic and sensory emotion. In these nourishing and flowering gardens, taste and vision are intertwined, combining deliciousness and beauty as is reflected in our way of life every single day of the year.

Around Dieppe

Rouen: This "City of One Hundred Steeples" is nestled in the hollow of a bend of the Seine and was a major city of the Middle Ages and then the "City of the Cotton Factories" in the 17th century. Today, it's a veritable and richly layered museum of a city.

Le Havre and Fécamp: A royal city founded by King François I, Le Havre was destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt thanks to the formidable work of Auguste Perret.

The abbeys of Normandy - a historic route: In Seine-Maritime, close to the majestic windings of the Seine or in Bec-de-Caux, nine abbeys await our visit - some of them over a thousand years old and absolute marvels of Roman and Gothic Normandy art. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ruins of Jumièges and other splendors.



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